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and the beat goes on

{circa november 1997}

No jb - the list

flames, the list, grumpy gremlins

just my perception on the situation
I could be wrong
after all everyones entitled to their very own opinion
mc (in the house)

Yes, this is a flame to everyone. Even myself.

Well, I'm going to tender my $0.02, as well.

I don't read all list mail, by choice, because deleting is Real Simple! And light-fast!

*The Boogie Nights thing, has nothing to do with Jeff... Just pick a subject!
On your mark, set, ..delete!

Here endeth the lesson.
Try and be nice

I think that being on a list is like being in a relationship.

Sorry for being harsh but I have a hangover. If you don't like it, bite me.

That's it from me. Thank you and goodnight.

Other stuff

Luv and smut to you all

Okay, enough of my crapping on.

Love, red cordigle and chicken grease

Just trying to initiate some on-topic discussion; it's a peculiar and some might say anal little habit I've been trying to indulge more often. ;-)

alan's first poem
urmm ... am I supposed to have something to talk about ....?

I'm thinking of going for the 'wet' look (oh god, I'm gonna get flamed for that!)

How about the jeff buckley eternally 'alan' instead of 'anal'?

okay, exactly how tall WAS jeff buckley? I'd just like to know...

 ****delete now if you don't care to read bjork/dinosaur jr/getting kicked in the head****

...Chumbawamba ... they sorta suck.

...the Wallflowers shit me - am I being superficial...

if he happened to slag off Julian Lennon ... well ... I won't lose sleep.

love, sex, whatever

love & celibacy

 The album

WHA?? What's this?? Am I really behind or something?? But seriously, is there going to be a release of the new CD??

take me back

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