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Here you will find odd bits of information which have been gathered from the Jeff Buckley Eternal Life (JBEL) mailing list due to my love of Jeff Buckley.

If you are saying to yourself 'Who is this genius?'.

Well firstly you should be severly beaten, and then you should go and visit the shrine of Jeff...

...sadly this site no longer exists, but we still remember


 This site has been set up for all to see, the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the bad.


And here are some radical comments made by those on the JBEL mailing list...


The mailing list is in limbo at the moment, with no idea when it will be running again.
If it is then drop me a line.


Other fabulous information to be seen...
The band formally known as...
members of the original line up
A letter from the meat district
A letter for christmas
letters sent to the list from JB
Sexy bass
mick grondhal
What's a mojo?
some suggestions of what mojo means
Let's Kidnap Him!
what would you do if you had 120 minutes with JB?
extended ramblings from people on the list
Clocks & keys
what do the clocks & keys in Grace mean...
The first part in a series of Top 5's
The second part of the reknown series of Top 5's
The third part of the now defunct series of Top 5's
The updated fourth part of the series of Top whatevers
top 5/10 lists of albums/artists/whatevers
The cimematic experiences of Jeff followers
dreams of JB
The X-Files of Jeff
More X-Files of Jeff
stories of meeting JB
mik's story

and for your own copy of the infamous $250 cookie recipe look here

Captain Tab ~ the tab master has his own page where you can find all you need to know about Jeff tabs and more.
The official mailing list page ~ set up during the third chapter of the list by Andrew and now maintained by Marcus. Mentions changes to the mailing list, but it's not set up yet i guess.
Eliza's jeff page
Tribute to Jeff Buckley
Kingdom for a kiss
Mood Swing Whiskey
In memory of Jeff Buckley

You have been herethousand times! aren't you special...

made by me

subject to constant change... of sunday 14 of October 2001