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picture by Merri Cyr

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 19:59:28 -0400 
Subject: october 25, 1996 

hi it`s buckley. i know that it`s been a trillion years since you`ve heard anything from me, but well , that`s just me, i don`t really get excited about calling people or making any kind of social contact through computers or phones. i`m just a lazy bastard, i guess. but still, hi all! hope you`re well.i`m doing pretty nicely. when december comes, i`ll be wandering around in an ugly rented car and dropping by some undesignated venues , maybe in your town if you`re in the northeast. i`m still not sure about where i`ll go. but , they will be solo shows. and i will have to use some other name. the new record will be out supposedly in late spring `97. it`s called my sweetheart the drunk. but you don`t have to call it anything. watch it get destroyed.   every song will have a quiet part and then a loud part at the shout chorus and the lyrics will totally open up new pathways in the human mind, allowing both sexes to fling themselves into the path of modern boredom and sloth like an oncoming path train it`s not just a woman`s job anymore. both must explode as one.there will be no pain or shock at the time of impact. there will only be coca-cola and disney. and hooks, lot`s and lot`s of hooks for the kids at summer break. for the employees of the year who suddenly crack under pressure and ascend to the clock towers with their candy bars and automatic rifles, or anyone who has finally come to the answers of life.and lot`s of songs about chicks, i almost forgot... life. chicks. hooks. life. chicks. click click. bang. click click. hooks . bang.bang. hooks.chicks . hooks .click click. candy bar. bang! bang! bang! snipers are the sex symbols of the future.every newspaper will send one to the after -show hot. so sexy. they`ll bang us all. i have to be in the meat district in ten minutes so i`ll sign off now. i love you. take care. Jeff  

-- End --


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