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death, love & peace

{circa june 1997}

C'mon, i'm sitting here listening to Oasis for crying out loud! (i take that back...Acquiese is a beautiful song)

the saturday morning - NOW - music program on ABC - recovery, is featuring a tribute to Jeff - tune in :)

would someone kindly record the 'now' show on saturday.

Goodnight all you beautiful souls! Sweet dreams...

fucking boat, sure it was Michael Bolton's

P.S. If one's insensitive to certain music, is it due to lack of Buckley Zone? Anyone able to heal him?

(ever see the film bit for Jail House Rock where he does that swivel thing - *yummo*)

I think I'll leave town...

> Also -- any of you Aussies know a Troy Gibbons or a Deborah Cornelius?

Yes, I'm neighbours with them both.

*shuffles off to bed muttering something about how damn big Australia really is*


May good karma always fall upon you

*** god WHY was i born with 5 nipples & no brain???***

OOHHH could you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE scan a photo of yourself for the Members Page????

*there with bells on, an over used Visa card, and a few sickies up my sleeve*

BTW Rohan, what do I have to do to join the Jeff Buckley Corduroy Appreciation Society?? I just want to cover my whole bedroom with textured fabrics!! : )

Canada is a democracy??? Holy cow. When did this happen?!?

elvis elvis elvis it true that elvis isn't really dead (well we all know that part's true already (= )but that he's in the witness protection program cuz he was a secret FBI agent and they didn't want anyone to find out?? i saw someone mention the CIA badge thingie and it reminded me that i heard this somewhere.

makes ya wonder, huh?

ps, jim morrison works at the Gap in the mall by my house

anyways, i'm making this into a graceland monologue. ;)

*end of shameless promotion*

Thought this needed a rebuttal so bow-wow!!!

I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds like you and my tobacco-chewin' grandma would have hit it off.

bow wow back atcha, namaste, and blessed be

When does everyone like to get on, or is it completly, totally and absolutely random?

Freedom of information and expression can be a real Bee-atch sometimes. FORWARD MARCH ETERNAL LIFERS.......

The whole thing is rather tacky. especially where they boast the following

----------Each Week A New Obituary Add On To This Site----------

yuk - gross

thanks to everyone else for letting this clutter your mail boxes!

Anyhow, back off to pursue my whale. I'll learn that song yet...

*boom boom* Where's Paul Schaffer when you need him?

JBEL: Jeff on World café

JBEL: More nipples and heads than you could shake a stick at

i'm on a lot of medication and my head isnt quite on straight...

Dedicated to....who the hell cares anymore?

anyway, don't know if i got the wrong end of the stick, so i'll shut up and send this

toooooo much caffeine....need sleep

The worst I've ever done is maybe left my FLIRT button "on" ;)

ps : and I have to warn everyone about K*****'s tendencies to growl without warning.....and incessant growling at avoid such a happening, pacify her with a mango :) see you in #JBuckley:)

Let it be know that before I ventured onto said channel, I was a good clean living young man.




If fool moons can do wonderous things, so can spirits.

Beware, y'all, of the geeks.

they could have at least devoted more time to Jeff than they did to Tiger Woods' caddy!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!

I guess this means we're both flaky :-D

Just to convince you that I am nuts - my theory is now going even further - we are all like the Jeddi - we can feel the disturbance in the force being psychically attuned to the universe - we are the JEFFI. :)

*secretly thrilled by the idea of wearing a spaced out cape and having a cool laser sword thingy*

I wanted to ask him to say "Make it so number 1" or "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" or "Engage" but I think I would have fainted in a puddle at his feet.

 ... (i think) the day of the Australian Federal Election, which i always had a sneaking suspicion was the reason he sang "oh, sweet johnny, touch me baby" in lover, you should have come over. Just a guess.

love & uncontrollable narcotic induced panic, and I snorted

*heh heh heh*

Hah the worm has turned at last

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ......

*disappearing on my broom stick *

Just on this IRC/Dalnet/Telnet/lick-my-love-pumpnet crapola *frustration creeping thru*

So I intrepidly forged on and got absolutely bloody nowhere -

I have a dream, a dream that one day we will all be united in a chat room regardless of time zones, distance, or relative lack of computer skills/intelligence :)

MY dog understands television

I look forward to rubbing textured fabrics with you all.

Now if only we all lived in the same town :(

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