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third time lucky?

 {circa february 97}


I can't believe Jeff's list! I can't remember who said Jeff was the music acid test...but I have to say again that it's so TRUE!

off on a cloud thinking about Jeffy.....

A potential singing partner... Hmm.... Another list!

906. Alanis Morrisette

Sorry, had to throw that last one in for good measure.

(O yeah, had a dream last night that I put a rock in my mouth and chipped all my teeth- Means death, distruction and illfortune, doesn't it? HELP!)

there you go can't believe I just told 150 people that like you guys care you're still reading? Wow

*Goes off to read the accumulated mail....ahh, just like old times...wonder what everyone's talking about?....*

single and bitter in Austin TX,

Yes : Going For the One

"I hate to be overtly nosy, but this seems curiously incestuous to me. However I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation... Is there?"

"Um, yes, how embarrassing. My sister is actually my daughter! Her father is actually my father therefore she can be my sister and my daughter. Long story. NO! Only joking,..."

[Did everyone go to Texas or are there just very few messages this week.]

K****, we all went to Texas to gossip about you. It's been veeeeeeery interesting. ;)

I thought everyone was busy tabbing.

*throws guitar with set of bark-hewn guitar strings in box with M******, throws in tape of Woke Up In A Strange Place, tapes flaps shut*

I WILL DO THE EFFING TAB for you! *gesticulating wildly*

And you folks don't have a clue...He has a web site for god sakes!

does anyone out there think that sometimes jeff sounds like he has a milk bubble in the back of his throat? i do.

lucky schmuck!!!!!! You saw *THE* Sexy-ass bass??????? no fair krissy!!

Rock on, teens!

*Wild applause, a girl after his own heart!! ("...jump up and down in your blue suede shoes...")*

Now THERE'S a song JB should cover!!!!!!!

As a huge JB fan with virgin ears, I read:

[.... aaahhh, fuckit, nevermind, why bother.....]

And one more thing, who stole M******'s box and made him face the bad ugly world?

Instead of saying ..."when the shit hit the fan." say "When the excrement hits the air-condtioning." or "That really burns my ass.."(which isn't all that bad anyway, but for the sake of humour, it is) you could say "That really churns my butter."
Shit hole = excrement hole
Fuck it = fornicate that!!!
well, that doesn't even sound natural.

Anyway, these are some tips.

Musicians who can't read music don't have any musical talent.

John Lennon couldn't read music.

hey, you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...

*goes off to look for his box*

well I better stop writing before I contradict myself even more

Wow warm fuzzies - I'm not such a freak after all...

have you ever actually painted yourself blue and howled at the moon? that sounds like fun, i'd like to try it.

p.s. I'd still like to know just where in Memphis he is recording, if anybody knows. I'll go and camp outside the door if I have to.

I think he's making his way to Melbourne for the recording sessions, happening apparently anytime soon.

Subject:JBEL: how to convert the heathen masses...

culture at Melbourne U? Not bloody likely ;)

The heathen bit was intended as a joke.
I like the word. And I know what it means (which for some is a bonus)...

...the 'bomb'

-from a French radio station (OUI FM):

"...and yes, the new Jeff Buckley album is about the come out, too.. -Yes, yes. I've heard it's a bomb. It's a bomb."

read this, my friends?.. IT'S A BOMB!!!!!
We never hear the name JB here on french radio, so when i heard this, my heart went " BOOOM BOOM!".
It's a bomb.. oh my god! we're gonna be crucified i'm afraid!
Ay, ay, ay!

maybe you misunderstood him....maybe he said "i've heard it's THE bomb". (;
keep your fingers crossed.


[anyway, i'm just a cheeky hawaii girl, now san franciscan, well, awaiting 'THE BOMB' breathlessly as well as the rest of yall]

Also, don't forget the big spunk/root/grouse thing. To any Americans, don't root for someone in Australia unless you're desperate.

"C'est une bombe", it means that its fantastic and may cause a great impact. You could translate it as "It'll rock the hell out of you"


*Waiting for the shit to hit the fan!*

I walked past Geoffrey Rush outside the National Gallery of Victoria last year. Is that of any relevance?

I have purple shoelaces. Now that's relevant

Ah, easter. One of my favourite alcoholidays.

It's too sunny out - and beer and marshmellows sound really good right now.

Once again their was the feeling of dizzyness and the urge to vomit................

you said it. don't take this the wrong way, but i love you, man...

i love you too.

We really hope to see you soon, Jeff and Friends!!

james spader on the silver screen. too much for me

James is just too yummy!

but i can't leave either...

i guess i'm trapped!

my grandma drives a taurus. my dad useta drive an aries, until my lil sister wrecked it. cheap piece of shit. the car, i mean, not my sister. i think my uncle larry with the extra nipple drives an oedipus, but i could be wrong about that.

and astrology is stupid...

no no noooooooooooooo c****, i've seen mick, yes he's sexy, yes he's a bassist, and we've established he's danish ... but he's no bummer

Bummer', where did you get bomber from? you silly twit! :))]

c****, a***** may be "silly" but i'm pretty sure he's not a "pregnant goldfish."

did anyone know that a git is a pregnant camel?

c**** ... get some sleep honey

no c****, melbourne monash c****, who honestly thought jeff woudl call THE mick grondahl a butt in public ... rather than complimenting him on is posterioir ... which i think is what indeed he was doing ...

he's a bomber as in BOMBER (da bomb starts again) ... floors ya ... is one helluva bass in other words

coz he isn't a bummer ... as in disappointer, well i dont' think anyway

now you can go back to sleep c****

ps checked out the page. nothing weirder than seeing your own words on another persons home page

<< I've also been beefing up on my Feminist thoery (a man...reading feminist thoery). I know...what's the world coming to. The funny thing has nothing to do with school and everything to do with personal interest.

<hehe, you dog you, I've been using this technique for years. Always works ! Keep up the good work and dont let the babes know what we're up too.....

*Fighting and kicking his way out of the box he has been cocooned in for the past coupla weeks, except for the brief sojourn to Chirnside Park last weekend (just made it home today A**!!! heh heh)*

*sucked back into box, where he finds that -- hey! The Eternal Life tab is almost done!*

well i put my foot in my mouth yet again

*Waits for applause, not a sausage! (Goon show reference)*


Jeff Buckley Tour Dates

Tour dates will be posted as they are confirmed.
Please check back.

MAN i want to die

why can't we find a local jeff twin???????

"Stuck Inside of Adelaide with Those Memphis Blues Again" (apologies to Bob Dylan)

Because when Jeffery does what Evan Dando did, and comes to hide out in Australia for 6 months to a year, to get away from it all in the US, you will be glad you don't live in Memphis.

if you're going to see jeff PLEASE DAMN WELL BOOTLEG THEM!!!!!!

i want to die. why don't *I* live in Memphis

kinda like being stuck inside a broken phone booth with money in your hands?

well ok, it made a connection somewhere there in my mind

I played three games of pool with Jeff, and it was probably the coolest thing ever.

More on the show later.

*tapping foot impatiently*

(Wouldn't you hate to have to get into an argument with Jeff over...say...what constitutes a mistake on the black....?)

Was that in a dream? That would explain why you are tired :) You woke up and sent the mail immediately?



tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far away from Memphis........ Yeah.......I'm in Japan. I can't drive to the Memphis!! :

if i had wings like noah's dove i'd be in memphis right now DAMN IT!!!!

well in some cases i'd beg to differ c**** #3 ... man this is getting confusing, i wonder just how many c****es there are on the list

well let's see my c****, c**** #1 but i'd send him a private email so there'd be no confusion there

c**** #2 of monash who thought i got her confused with c**** #1 and you c**** #3 i guess

I loves you porgy for burger king?!

ummmmm.............I'm just seeing to go to the bar in Memphis in my dream at night.

I swear if He does not play any small intimate kind of shows when he next comes here there will be hell to pay ... Hell hath no fury like a woman with PMT......

What???? are you on crack?

oh yeah, fuck the record companies...this isn't my issue here....

So buckley corporate shit now is he????

Great!! i fork out over $5000 to see my fav band, make a few tapes, to GIVE to friends or swap with fellow fans more often than not an a cost to me...and i'm raping a band......GET REAL!!!!

to bootleg or not to bootleg

bootlegger=disrespectful asshole

My favourite form of bootlegging is my moonshine still. No shit!

Sarcastically yours, and completely dumbfounded by this whole ticket-price/commercial-shit war via Internet mailing lists...

*disappears into drainpipe with crusty recording of WUIASP and oxy-welds the outlet shut*

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