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Here are some wild dreams that listees have been willing to share...

(there are more, they'll appear when they're found!)

Date sent: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 22:37:08 +0700
Subject: re: weird Jeff dreams

I read Luke McMahon's weird JB dream thing.... Jeff as a girl?! Noooooooo! :( But he would actually make a pretty good looking girl, I have to admit.

I didn't really think about sharing my one JB dream with anyone because I thought that it would be a sure sign of complete fan obsession or something to that effect.... but anyways...

I had this dream a couple of months back and I can still remember it quite well. I was in this run down photography studio... kind of like my friend's.... wide open space... wooden floor with walls the colour of buttermilk and spots of old faded apple green paint showing through. There was a big off-white slouch couch in the middle and I was lounging on it smoking a cigarette and reading a magazine. My friend Gail walked in and she had a huge grin on her face. She told me that she knew this guy who once road crewed for Jeff and she managed to get a hold of his number. There was an old black coin phone on the wall and she called this guy and he told her that Jeff was playing at The Fez (small cool club in New York) that night and we were on the guest list for the show. I did a cartwheel across the room (i cannot do this in real life, by the way!) and grabbed my coat and dragged Gail out of the studio and told her we had to go NOW! But not before I grabbed a hold of the crew guy's phone number, which was on a piece of green paper.

REALITY CHECK: ok... first of all, I am all the way in Singapore.... NOT New York and we would not be wearing coats in this weather! 32 degress celcius and 90% humidity!

Then we ran down the stairs and got to the road to get a cab.... then all of a sudden we weren't in Singapore anymore... it looked more like New York! We got a yellow cab (cool.... I've NEVER been to New York) and got to the club. The guy at the door let us in.... but as we were walking in we noticed a guy wearing a black leather jacket behind us and he sort of looked like Jeff... and I was too scared to turn around to look and I just held my breath. The show started and he openend with "Grace". I just stood there pinched myself and the dream was so lucid that I could feel all 5 senses! I couldn't believe I was watching him play!! It was the most amazing gig I'd ever been to....

After the show, my friend Gail met her friend, Jeff's road crew guy and they were talking. I stood there sipping my drink, smoking a cigarette and lookind at people talking. Then I heard the most beautiful breathy angelic voice right in my left ear...."Where were you? Did you get in in time for the show?" Oh my god... it was (gulp) Jeff. I was so terrified... I don't know why, and all I could do was stare at the cigarette burnt floor and hope that I don't pass out or say something stupid. He stood there and I could tell he was smiling... almost enjoying my discomfort. By this time I was chainsmoking my third cigarette and I couldn't light it because I'd lost my lighter. Jeff took a lighter from his pocket and offered to light it for me. I had to look up because otherwise my hair would go up in flames. And there he was, standing right in front of me, smiling and lighting my cigarette. Oh heaven. I was still too scared to talk and he asked if i wanted to get some coffee... I just couldn't think anymore and followed him out.

We sat in that same studio later and I finally found my voice. We talked about a lot of things,, I can't remember most of them... but I remember talking a lot about music - who would he like to sing with (strangely enough he said Patti Smith... and before I knew that he did Beneath The Southern Cross with her!), his father (didn't say much), books and weird travelling / gig stories. It was so vivid. Him sitting on the couch, almost leaning on my shoulder, both our feet on the table and just talking. He has amazing sad/happy eyes.... they said so much but told so little. Then I closed my eyes and I was humming something and turned around to look at him.... he hummed along:) Then he leaned over and kissed me. Hallellujah...... That happenend for a while and all I could remember after that was walking down a street with Jeff and stopping at this tiny Chinese restaurant. I smelled egg rolls... then I woke up.

So what do you think folks? Can anyone decipher any hidden messages? Why did I remember colours and tiny details so well? TELL ME! Prior to this I had never dreamt of any famous living musician before... except for that really weird dream of John Lennon....

"she tied you to a kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair..."


to sleep perchance to dream