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The consummate rock chick Naz…


Well not like the whole band but the rhythm section!!!! I love this story:)

I met Nirvana about 4 years February 1992 just before they hit triple platinum in the whole world. I remember going to the airport out of pure curiosity... and it also had to be the one day that I wasn't waering my black goth chick outfit....I was wearing a RED shirt and had a purple balloon tied to my pinkie (don;t ask why!). I knew the guy working for the record company and he was cool with me just hanging.. the minute Kurt came out it was mayhem... about 120 kids were up and running after him and pulling Dave Grohl's T-shirt.... and it was pretty surreal watchign that happen because just a week before it was the same scenario but only with New Kids on the Block!!! So anyways, they managed to get into the bus without major injuries but everyone at that point had forgotten all about Krist Novoselic! He looked like Sasquatch :) He was wearing this really big Hillbilly hat and pushing everyone's luggage! And he had no idea where the bus was! I helped him push the luggage and showed him where the bus was (everyone else was still trying to rip off the bus window to get to Kurt!). So we chatted and then my friend from the record company came up to Krist and said "Hi, I'm Joe from BMG." at which point Krist looks at me with like huge dilated dinner plate eyes and asked "Then who is SHe?" I just grinned and said "innocent bystander" :) Then I got onto the bus and was sitting across the aisle from KURT!!!!! We got to the hotel and I hung out with Dave Grohl !!! :) he was cool... just had beers and cigarettes with chicken rice and talked about music and weird Tv shows.

I crashed the press conference and it was soooooo cooooool!!! I sat in the front and the first thing Krist said when he entered the room was "Anyone have any gum?" (*CHEWING GUM IS BANNED IN SINGAPORE...WE WERE ON CNN BECAUSE OF THAT*) and Dave comes in and asks me for a light... and all the press people like STARED at me .... ehehehehe. Then Dave came over after and hung out with me again :) (Kurt was late .... everyone seemed really wary of him but he let out some really funny stories) We took them out to eat that day and they went shopping for weird toys at Chinatown (Kurt bought a Chinese medical dummy know the one for acupuncture points... I think he used it for the In Utero cover artwork:)) and while we were waiting for them to check out of the hotel Dave and Krist were running around the lobby playing with their laser guns and doing the Starsky and Hutch thing :) On the bus (it was one of those really cheesy tour buses with a microphone) Dave took the mike and sang a song "for all the ladies on the bus" ... which meant ME:) "Don't go changin to try to please me...." I guess all the people on the bus had the fortunate experience of being the first in the general public to hear him sing...little did we know, eh? But he really sounded good...almost croony. When we got to the airport, all these security guys were like going "Hey;s Nirvana!" and whipped out their cameras...from where they came I don't know! I was teaching Dave how to say bad words in Malay when one of the security guys approached him for a photograph. He looked at me and said "Ok Naz can take the picture" with a reallly sly smile. Then he said "I guess I shouldn't really say cheese.... KEPALA BUTOH!!!!" (In Malay it means "fucking dickhead") At which point the entire police force stares at him and everyone else stared at ME!!!! HAHAHAHA! Then we said our goodbyes and Dave said that he thought I was cool (heheheh) and it was a fun three days and asked me if I wanted to go to Japan with the band!!!!! And I didn't have my passport on me!!!!!!! G-DDAMN!!! My whole life would have turned out so much more differently....:( But I did get to meet Dave again:)

Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth came in this Feb for the MTV Alternative Nation Tour (the Beastie Boys were on the same bill in other Asian cities but they're banned here..... fucking government) and both bands acame in to Tower Records for a meet the fans session. I work at the book store but they needed people to help with crowd control (any bloody excuse to run away from work and meet Dave again!) and I guess they thought that I was probably the only girl who could kick butt so there I was yelling and shoving people off the door the bands were supposed to come into. I waited till they started signing when I came closer to the table and yelled Dave's name and flashed him the beautiful B&W picture we took that day at the airport and he stood up and jumped around grabbing my hand going "HEY NAZ!!!!WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" and all the guys I work with just stared in disbelief (they didn't really believe my Nirvana story)... the fools! After the signing they gad to run off to the soundcheck and Dave hugged me on the way to the door and asked me if I wanted to go to the show!!! I like had a fit and jumped into the elevator with him....of course my boss stopped the door and said something like "It's kinda crowded in here maybe some of you don;t really need to go.."and pulled my arm!!! I wasn't working that day too! Then the coolest thing happened... Dave pulled my arm back and said "It's ok...she's cool...she's with us!" and the guys just stood there with the jaws on the floor. I just smiled and WAVED:) Then in the elevator he introduced me to the band (William was having a stomach flu and he was sleeping at the hall waiting for the soundcheck) "meet Pat and this is Nate" it was so excellent!!! We ran to the bus (again!) and about 80 kids were trying to rip Dave's arm off. I almost had to bite some people to get to the bus myself! Then we just chatted like ol buddies on the bus. He told me that he got really drunk on his birthday (the day before) and that he was having a major hangover:) I got a backstage pass and hung out with the crew at the hall and got to talk to Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth (Kin and Thurston were really bitchy... but Coco was cute... she was running all over the place picking things and putting them in her mouth). William was so ill...he barely could stand up... he just stood there before the show clutching his stomach and grimacing...poor boy. Then Dave did the only resonable thing... he went up on stage alone with his weird shaped guitar and sang "I'll stick around" acapella!!!! and did this cool beat box thing with his voice! The man can still play drums while singing and playing geetar!!! Pat Smear looked at him proudly and said "He's doing a pretty good job by himself... maybe I'll just sit here and watch him instead...I IS Dave Grohl, ya know" Then the tour manager came in and told them to get their asses on stage. It was a mad crowd and a really good show. Sonic Youth came on after and dave came by and stood beside me and we watched the show while having a pot of coffee...I was so wired I was bouncing off the amps!!!! Hahahahahaha! Then a few kids at the side of the fence saw Dave and they screamed "IT'S DAAAAAAVE!" Dave looked at me and ran !!!! We hung out for a little while after the show (I gave him a little poem ...kinda like a commentary about what the day was like for me and he laughed while reading it:)) and said goodbye:( I should've asked him for a job!!!! But I have to say that Pat Smear is like the coolest person...he could wear turquoise socks with anything, man. Nate is really quiet...the intellectual one (I am quite partial to guys with red hair) and William was pretty grouchy and not up to tricks because he wasn't feeling too hot. But it was a pretty cool day for the Naz:) the end.

the consummate rock chick