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from memphis to eternity

{circa april~may 1997}

So, Jeff's playing in Memphis. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG so unfair.
Is he still drop dead gorgeous and extremely sexy?

Just ask him one question if you can...
When is the new album coming out? No.

Ask him if he's also eating well and if not, does he need a personal chef/dunnie cleaner etc and I'll be over in a jiffie.

Also, hemp is significantly more expensive over here.

Long live the magic that was soundgarden!! <---ha ha ha ha ha ha ha >

Oooooooooo DARN!!!. Y'know, I almost miss them. Really. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha HAHA

Well, anyway, on other things Jeff-ish, the Melbourne date has been set (woohoo!) for the 11th of May, please could everyone interested in coming, or confirming, please, please mail me & i'll give you any details that you don't already have.

"IS JEFF REALLY COMING TO MELBOURNE??? I am dying. Everyday I read all these posts from our American listees and their will to see Jeff in Memphis ...Please tell me if he's really coming (cross fingers) and help me get a ticket for the show. I would just about die to go"

This is were I get to prove just how much of an ignoramus I really am. WHAT THE F---? Is Jeff coming to Australia? Will he be playing in Sydney at all? Anybody?

settle people.....I think A** was referring to the next get-together held in melbourne, by JB fans (from this list) -get-togethers which he seems to be the coordinator of.

now take some deep

Besides, JB is going to be touring Adelaide in May, isn't he A***. (and then we wake up). :)

Im off to drown in the splendor that is 'last goodbye', again. Don't save me.

Why don't Mormons have sex standing up? Might lead to dancing

I think m***.p******* may have scored The SOURCE award for 1997 - 15 contigous emails containing little but pissing off many. Thanks to parents, corporate sponsors and of course all those present at the awards.

Lining up to watch Jeff cook pasta with a wire,

To summarize: --- on a busy list, dont flood it with bs one liners..... thank you very much.


Remember - Each new day is a washed beach.

How do you secretly walk backstage? Please tell me. I've got to know.

Hmmm. Oh well. Let's start some suggestions for a new drummer. I've got one, and he's a damn good drummer:
JIMMY CHAMBERLIN (former Smashing Pumpkins)

well, i better stop twiddling my thumbs and buy that plane ticket to memphis.

Nag Champa-is a brand of incense, always thought it was referring to that...

Finally, his really awesome new song is called morning theft. Its soooo dreamy. You girls' thighs will burst into flames during this song.

Anyway, if you go to the show ...look out for his numero uno fan in action-Staci. You may think youre the #1 fan but I think once you see her in action you may change your mind.
She put on some kinda show. ...Anyway, you might just get a chance to see her -she'll be the one on stage while jeff's playing thrusting her pelvis at him and yelling "So Real. So real"

I really hope that Barristers' (sp) is up to par on it's fire prevention. Maybe they should hire people to circulate through the crowd with water pistols in case there is a sudden outbreak of thigh know how fast those suckers can spread....

I too wonder about the naked woman atop the Sony JB page. Anyone have any suggestions as to who/what she is?

[i could start singing a certain smiths song but i won't]
*they sigh in union*

So if Jeff isn't aware of all these dreams people are having about him, his grandmother is.

Is it just me or is that from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls?

On Wed, 23 Apr 1997, You look like a pretty groovy boy. I'd like to strap you on sometime. wrote:

Dearest Jeff,

If you've secretly been reading or posting under an assumed identity, I meant all I've said lucidly and in my subconscious. No malice, no underlying dark motives, no evil ideas. I'm just a sweet, endearing, normal, cool Malay chick who wants to sit in a big couch with you, drink too much wine and flirt a little (too much). And I guess that every other woman on this list wants to do just about the same! Correct? E-mail me ;)



ps : I wish :}

I have three questions...please indulge me:)

1) Who is Peter Allen?

2) Who is Ben Elton?

3) What does tchuess mean?

1) Peter Allen is an expat Aussie who became a cabaret singer (quite famous actually) in the US, married and divorced Liza Minelli, had a huge hit with "(I Go To) Rio" many years back, sang a sentimental piece of tripe IMHO called "I Still Call Australia Home" which has been adopted as the advertising jingle for our national airline, and I believe he recently died. Think Liberace with slightly less jewellery.

2) Ben Elton is an English comedian. The brains(???) behind the legendary Young Ones. (If you say "Who are the Young Ones?" then we are in deep deep trouble here, as we will be talking severe cultural deprivation and I think we'd have a case for hauling Singapore up before a UN Human Rights court.) He's written several humorous but self-indulgent novels and done TV and stand-up. He spends a lot of time in Aust. because he has a local girlfriend.

3) ???

This is probably the first time Singapore scores against the US for cultural deprivation! What a milestone in the history of humanity!!!

thrilled to bits and in giggling fits,

(hey! that rhymes! I think I've has waaaay too much caffeine and sugar for the day.....)

My queer flatmates were on the last plane bound for Sydney before this year's Mardi Gras. Full of queens and, it seems, were in fine company with the Stewards.
They did the safety brief, one of them ran to the front, but on a bit of Peter Allen, and they all lined up to do the Macarena as they taxied out.

The party started early this year.

... More than anything, it's 10 messages a day of "Are you SERIOUS???
Jeff's coming to (your town here)???
Are you sure??? My thighs are on fire!"
Well. I guess my thighs would be aflame if he were coming to my town; but it just seems like a wasted post.
I don't mean to be overtly rude about it.

* sniff*
this list's biggest loser ....

Mr. Perris, sir, you are a god. I think he deserves a round of applause, don't you all?

Subject:JBEL: See Jeff in a Wife Beater!

Uhhhhhhh...... this maybe a dumb question. but was Jeff naked?

No, unfortunately not, H******, unfortunately not;) trust me....i'd be scanning and posting right now if he were!

ps- thank god we were spared seeing Michael Bolton naked....

<< Message: JBEL: Stuart Hill vs. Jeff Buckley

so what does everyone feel about the inequalities behind the problematic concepts surrounding the sociological classifications of age?? Hmm?? hmm??

Ok, the caffeine's wearing off, so I'll be brief- To sum up, I quote a few snippets of conversation...... "Is an orgasm an excuse to run a red light? Or even eight?" "I love you, Bec.... we all love you" "you're juicy" "and I said, well look, if you really want to have sex in a fridge..." "yes, this band's playing. It's called Cordrazine and it's from Star Trek or something ..." "and there were all these naked people, just hanging upside down from the tree..." "well, yes, we kept throwing up the entire day - but it was for the East Timorese..." "does anyone want a joint?" "I'm telling you, I'm an orange. An ORANGE, man..."

latley writing to the list i've felt like an AA member but anyways

adelaide (little country town in australia where public transport = kangaroos, we just hop on a kangaroo or the occasional emu but they're alittle dodgy, and we're hoping to get electricity some time before the end of the millenium)

you're jealous and you live in NYC??? NYC!!!!!!!! that's HOME of jeff buckley WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING??? Australia is like HOW far from the guy??? he comes here like HOW often?? and what happens each time he does ? - he sells out in a flash and he whisks off into the distance. Memphis, yeah yeah he's a regular there NOW but ... his home is your home ok your city ... he LOOOOOOVES the place ... he does new years eve extravganzes there!! cheer up s****!! he plays coffee houses there!!

I just want to express my loathing to all of you who came last night.
I have to sit here all day in meetings looking like I have a clue what's going on in the world around me.
The red wine, I fear, I did not need. Somewhere after the 8th glass or so.

sex and jeff, beginning to see an elvis thing happening here

.. caffiene .. jeff quote #999 "that's just eh coffee talking ..."

Now let me get this straight.. Dark Side of the Moon can be listened to as a sound track to the Wizard of Oz ..... get out of town!!!!

Has any one tried this??? How does it work??? I mean I take it you turn down the sound for the Wiz, crank up Dark Side, relax and float downstream....

No really, does Dark Side somehow tell the story in a meaningful way??? Is it just a thematic relationship??? ARE YOU ALL ON DRUGS????

who is hoping he is being made more juicy for the experience

All right, this is a plea.

i never foresaw that one day (and especially on the day to begin commencement exercises) i'd make a plea in front of masses around the world, but, hey, i'm certainly not above it.

, but right now, i'd just be GRATEFUL to the kind, benevolent, beautiful soul who could offer this poor graduating and jobless college senior a ride.
(anyone in the memphis area know of any good park benches?)

i can't believe this ...
jeff playing the same gig all the way through til july

... no no ... it'll be lie a pilgrimate place for us to all visit ... if only i lived on the other side of the equator

Incidentally I am now opening a fund to get myself to Memphis - anyone who would like to contribute to this most worthy cause please mail me your visa card details. Its not tax deductable - but I will be your best friend for a day.

hello im amy i am stupid

Ooh, how embarassing!!! Will it be a brother or a sister pay dearly for this? ;)

actually, a so-called friend got a severe hair pulling for this.

Keep up the fine fanaticism guys - you're all a real inspiration.

It's 1:17am, I've just finished an essay and my first step onto the path of true jeff-devotion has just been made!

say it isn't so s***.. SAY IT ISN'T SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

had to read this five times to make sure does this mean what we are all thinking it means??
guess it's time to smile with the man, he's found happiness

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