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clocks & keys

If anyone cares, I have two theories on why all the clocks on Grace are set to 8.18:
1) in numerological terms this adds up to the number 17. 17 is a highly spiritual number representing the star of the magi, which is the image of Love and Peace. The person or entity it represents will rise superior in spirit to the trials and difficulties in earlier life, with the ability to conquer former failure in personal relationships and the career. 17 is the number of immortality and indicates that the person's name will live on after him...
2) the graphic artist who designed the cover was having a rebellious phase. Instead of the hands being at 2.10 which is the most aesthetically pleasing and common depiction used when displaying clock faces, he went for nearly the exact opposite (being 8.18). Go figure ;)


It is the art director's handwriting--not Jeff's (if that's what you were thinking). As another bit of trivia, the "key" image both on Peyote Radio Theater and on the Grace album is the Key to the art director's office.

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